What to Do When Your Mover Damages Your Things

You may have prepared the most ideal moving plan, implemented moving steps on time, hired the best removal company in town, and yet, you will still struggle with the apprehension that mishaps may still occur during transit. You’ve to keep in mind that no removalist job is ever 100% safe; there’s just so many factors beyond your–or the company’s–control.

Who Is Held Responsible for the Fault?

For your damaged things, the removalists must take liability, as part of the contract. Some wash their hands off liabilities and refuse to pay recompense. If they decline in giving you payment for the destroyed stuff, then you have a legal reason to sue them. They are the ones who delivered your items to your new abode, that’s why there is no one else to point your finger at but at them–unless of course a force majeure was the cause (a falling tree smashing their truck for example).

What to Do?

You must be at your new abode where your items would be delivered before the truck arrives. When your items are already unloaded, conduct an immediate inspection of your things especially the breakable ones. If you notice that some (or all!) your items have sustained damaged after the move, then you have to immediately contact the company and ask them to fix the problem. You should clearly explain what you’ve noted and ask for a reimbursement for the items that were damaged. If they don’t give you a fast response, then send a letter. The contents of the missive should be consistent with the details you gave them over the phone. After this, you should ask for help from moving organizations on how to set up a legal complaint to pry the company from their inaction before the set deadline. If they are still apathetic about the whole thing, then it’s time to ask a lawyer to arrange the filing of suit against them.

How to Avoid Removal Company Problems?

If you haven’t chosen a company yet, then it’s time to think about hiring one if you have to move in a month already. Before signing a contract with your chosen movers at Expert, you must know first the stipulations of the contract. To avoid legal tussles due to unanswered complaints, then be sure protect yourself beforehand; get your items insured before signing a contract. You can do this by asking the company if they have insurance packages or availing of a third-party insurance company. Whatever you do, be sure to have a copy of the insurance document; you will need this for future reference of the insurance stipulation in case something goes awry. Also, it is crucial to know your rights that you’ll know what to do when you and the movers encounter a conundrum down the road. In light of all this, choose one that offers insurance services. Most importantly, choose a company that has already entrenched itself in the industry and one that has already gained a positive reputation from previous clients.

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