Storage Facilities Melbourne: A Guide for Customers

Storage spaces for rent in well-run facilities are closely monitored by its staff. You may not realize it, but there are many rules and regulations being implemented in these facilities. In order to be accommodated by the company, customers need to follow these rules to ensure the safety of everyone and everything housed in the facility.

Rules for Customers

Storage facilities in Melbourne guide customers in what they can do what they cannot do when inside the premises. Most facilities have large signs at the entrance enumerating the things customers are not allowed to store inside their rented spaces, lockers, or rooms. Examples of these restrictions are:

–          Food and other perishables

–          Plants

–          Flammable substances (gasoline, aerosols, paint)

–          Weapons and ammunition (there is a special type of storage facility for these things)

Security is also a very important matter for storage facilities Melbourne. Customers are provided with keys (sometimes a legitimate proof of identification will suffice) and it is only with these that they will be allowed to open a storage space. This is to ensure that every customer’s possessions will be safe and untouched by unauthorized individuals (exceptions may apply when demanded by judicial courts).

Upon signing an MOA with the storage facility, customers are provided with the guide and are expected to comply with them. Non-compliance will immediately mean rejection of the items that are to be stored inside the facility. Blatant disregard of the rules that protect other customers can also mean termination of rental contract of the offending customer.

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