Interstate Removals

Moving to or from Melbourne, Brisbane, or Perth? Get Help!

If you’re planning a move cross country, then you’d most likely need the help of a professional removals company. In this case, it’s advisable to go for a company that specializes in moving things to and from these cities. Among other things, this assures you that the movers are familiar with the roads as well as the applicable regulations that may affect your move.

It also pays for you to hire a company that has been around for some time, as this assures you that they already have a tried-and-tested process in place. You also need to be aware of all your options and the specific services you can expect to receive from a particular company. Among other things, you’ll want to hire a company that:

–          assists you with preparations, such as packing and labelling

–          helps not only in the packing, but even in the unpacking and arrangement of your belongings in the new place

–          creates a schedule for every aspect of the move, from packing to transporting

–          supplies the necessary materials for packing such as boxes, bubble wraps, and packing tape

–          offers round-the-clock support throughout the relocation process

–          seeks your approval for the schedule they make and other details they prepare for the relocation

It’s also a good idea for you to know what your rights and responsibilities as client are before you start looking for an interstate mover. Furthermore, you should take the time to read and understand all documents provided by a mover. This includes estimates, order of service, inventory list, and bill of lading. One very important thing to remember is that you should refrain from accepting oral estimates and the written estimate should clearly describe every single charge to avoid unpleasant surprises from hidden fees.

You should also make sure the mover can easily contact you at any time, in case they run into some problems or have something important to tell you. If you have more than one contact number, it’s best to give them all to your chosen mover.

Here’s a bit of good news for you: Expert Removalists is one removals company that meets all the requirements outlined above. They’ve been around for quite a while and may just be the company you need for your interstate relocation needs. Interstate moving can indeed be quite stressful, but with help from the right mover, much of the stress can be lifted off your shoulders.