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Removals in Queensland: The How’s, When’s, What’s, and Why’s

Relocating is a huge undertaking, whether it’s a household moving to a new city or an office moving into a new building. There is so much that has to be done before one can fully and officially transfer to a new home or working place. It’s easier though if you’re only relocating within the same city because then DIY relocation will be possible. If your car is big and wide enough to carry heavy furniture and appliances, you can move your possessions by yourself and simply take multiple trips. If, however, you are relocating to another city or state, DIY relocation is no longer a practical option.

This is where removalists Brisbane come in.

What Are Furniture Removals?

For those who are not familiar with it, these companies are professional service providers that assist people who are relocating. They specialize in “removing” appliances and other household/office possessions of the customers, and delivering them to the new house or office space. Movers have the manpower, vehicles, tools, and expertise to make relocations happen as smoothly and stress-free as possible.

When Is It Advisable to Hire Local Movers?

Hiring a removal company is actually very good for both inter-city and interstate relocations. A good removalist, after all, is an expert who can ensure a stress-free move for customers. Since many people want to keep their moving costs to a minimum, they’d relocate on their own if they are relocating somewhere near. This makes it still affordable to make multiple trips.

Those who are relocating to another state will need to hire experts, though, otherwise they will be wasting so much money on numerous relocating expenses. There’s fuel and maintenance for the vehicle or vehicles, for one thing. Then you also have to pay for lodgings or parking space fees if the destination is so far away, a stopover is necessary.

The safety of the people involved is also at stake here. If you choose to relocate on your own, you are putting the risk of travelling with a heavily loaded car on yourself and your driving companions. If you let the professionals do this job, you and your family/colleagues can easily, quickly, and more comfortably travel to your new destination through plane or train, perhaps.

unloading moving truck 2Aside from your own safety, the safety of your valuable belongings should also be attended to during a move. It takes an experienced driver to speed smoothly through interstate highways and course through narrow city streets while driving a huge, heavy moving truck or van. Moving companies can be counted on to assign two or more drivers during long, interstate travels. They take turns driving and make sure the one on the wheel is alert. Count in the drivers’ experience in such trips, and you can be sure that your possessions are in good hands if you hire a reputable interstate moving company in the Queensland.

Why Hire a Removal Company?

There are so many reasons why people who are planning to relocate should call on a mover in Queensland. Here are some of them:

  1. They know how to pack, load, and transport heavy items and appliances, even pianos and pool tables.
  2. Movers who offer packing service usually have their own packing materials, too. They use high-quality boxes that don’t easily dent. They have bubble wraps, foam sheets, sturdy rope, and so forth. With these guys on board, the risks of accidents and damages on the transported goods reduces largely.
  3. They know how to properly stack boxes so that they don’t topple over once the vehicle starts moving. Poor stacking is one of the main causes of damage of possessions during relocation.
  4. The service will provide appropriate and well-tuned vehicles for transporting goods.
  5. A moving company will take care of everything with regards to your valuables. As customers, you don’t have to stress about finding a vehicle big enough or in a good enough condition for long travels. You don’t need to map out routes and make sure there are gasoline stations along the way. You also don’t have to look for trustworthy drivers or worry about a flat tire. All these things are going to be ironed out.
  6. Furniture movers in Queensland are usually very flexible with their services. They meet with customers to hash out the finer details of their move, such as the date, number of appliances to remove, what kinds of furniture (ex: antique, hardwood, very expensive or standard items) the customer has, the expected time to leave and expected time of arrival at the new place, among other things. They will then make adjustments to their SOPs to cater to the needs of their customers.
  7. These companies also offer services separately most of the time. This gives customers the option to pay only for the services they really need. If they don’t require a service, they can write it out of their contract and save money in the process. For example, customers may or may not choose to pay for packing services.
  8. Many removal companies also run storage facilities. If ever you urgently need a safe storage space because you can’t fit in all your goods into your new house or office space just yet, the company can store your possessions right away in one of their storage units.

How Much Do They Cost?

The one thing that seems to make people hesitate to hire a company is that they think this is a very expensive service. Yes, these services have a price, but everyone can be sure that those fees are worth spending. One can always find cheap relocation professionals that match their prices can still deliver quality services, too. Besides, relocating always requires planning beforehand, and that includes readying a budget for a smooth-sailing relocation.

Removalist companies usually have standard prices for each service, although the rates will increase the bigger the house or office is. The size of the original house usually indicates the volume of goods and other cargo to be transported, hence the variation of the rates. Some companies also charge by the hour. Every additional hour the customer demands of the staff, which was not included in the contract, will be charged.

All in all, an interstate mover will be excellent help for anyone who wishes to move within or into Brisbane or leave the city for another state.

5 Questions to Ask a Moving Company BEFORE You Hire Them

How do you know you’re choosing the right moving company for your relocation needs? Ask these questions before hiring removalists in Brisbane to be sure you’re getting the best people for the job.

workmen next to furniture removal vehicle1. How much is the cost of your removals service?
Of course you want to know if the service is affordable. But, more importantly, you should know exactly what you are paying for. If the quoted rate is per hour, ask how many people are coming to help you move. If the price is per package deal, ask what services are included. Ask about extra fees, such as overtime, petrol and tolls, parking etc. Some won’t tell you this until you see your bill.

2. May I have references from your happy clients?
The best way to assess the reputation of a company is to ask previous clients about their experience with the company. The company will be happy to provide these references if they offer a good service and have nothing to hide.

3. Do you have movers insurance coverage?
Accidents can happen even if people are very careful. So, ask if the company has an insurance policy that covers movers, vehicles and goods especially high-value items.

4. What are your restrictions on moving items?
Some removalists don’t move items like perishables or very expensive items like antiques. Others are not equipped to move heavy furniture or equipment like a piano. So, know this limitation beforehand and make extra arrangements.

5. How much deposit is necessary?
If a very big advance payment is required, it may be a sign of an untrustworthy company. Better find another moving service you can trust.

5 Tips for a Smooth Moving Day

The secret to having a smooth moving day is proper planning. Consider these five tips when you plan to move house or office.

removalist unloading carpet and furniture1. Don’t schedule any other task on moving day.
Focus on supervising everything related to moving. Guide the movers who will pick up your stuff and unload the same in your new location. Do a final inspection of the house before leaving making sure that nothing is forgotten and the utilities are turned off.

2. Finish packing before moving day.
Packing takes time, so be sure to allocate time to finish it before the movers arrive on your front door. Delays would mean added fees to the bill your removalist will charge you.

3. Keep valuable items with you.
Put valuable items, such as jewelry, cash and important documents, in a bag you can carry yourself. You will have peace of mind knowing that these items are safe with you.

4. Make plans to keep kids out of the way.

If you have kids, it’s better for them to stay with their grandparents or a sitter during moving day. If that is not possible, be sure to pack food, clothes and toys or games for them just in case they become messy, hungry or bored.

5. Prepare your new home to make reorganizing easy.

If you could go to your new home before moving day, tape labels on doors and the floor to help the movers know where to put the packages. If the boxes are unloaded to the right rooms, it would make reorganizing your new home a lot easier.

How to Pack and Wrap Your Items in Preparation for Moving Day

If you’re not availing the packing services of Brisbane removalists, you need to know how to pack items properly. Often the moving company can’t be held liable for damaged goods in transit because there’s no assurance that you packed them properly. So, to prevent or minimize damage, follow these packing tips:

carefully packing fragile items for removal1. Individually wrap fragile items.
Use bubble wrap, butcher paper and corrugated boards to individually wrap breakable items like dinnerware, glassware and ceramics. Use crumpled paper to line the bottom and sides of boxes before putting fragile items inside.

2. Don’t make packed boxes too heavy to carry.
Try not to go over 15 kilograms when packing boxes. Use smaller boxes for heavy items such as books, hardware and tools for easy handling.

3. Use storage/moving boxes if available.
While you can pack clothes and linen in cartons, use wardrobe boxes if you can. These customized boxes make it possible to transport clothes on a hanger, which is more convenient. Re-organizing clothes in the closet of your new home is a lot easier, too.

4. Cover or disassemble heavy furniture in preparation for the move.
When you need to transport heavy items like mattresses or a sofa, use furniture covers to protect them from dirt or damage. If it is possible to disassemble big items of furniture, do so to make loading and unloading easy.

5. Label all moving boxes and items properly.

Put your name, address and room destination on each box or package. Mark with a number so you can quickly count and track all boxes. Don’t forget to put FRAGILE, KEEP UPRIGHT on boxes with breakable items.

If you think you will not be able to pack properly and promptly, it’s better to employ professional packing services. You get the bonus of not stressing yourself.

5 Facts About Brisbane

Want to relocate to Brisbane? Here are some facts you might want to know before you reside in this city.

Brisbane Skyline Queensland 20181. Brisbane is the third most populous city in Australia with a population of over 2.4 million in its metropolitan area. Despite being hit by major floods in the past years, the city’s population never dwindles.

2. Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland with a booming economy. Residents can explore many white-collar occupations in the CBD area and blue-collar jobs in the industrial zones of lower Brisbane.

3. It has modern architecture, lush green spaces and amazing bicycle pathways surrounding the Brisbane River. These combined features continue to attract people and families to reside in this place.

4. It is the third most popular tourist destination in Australia. Some interesting areas for recreation here are South Bank Parklands, the City Botanic Gardens, Roma Street Parkland and Portside Wharf. The travel guidebook Rough Guides named Brisbane as one of the top ten most beautiful cities in the world in 2015.

5. To enjoy the ultimate shopping experience in Brisbane, go to Queen Street Mall. It has 6 major shopping centres featuring 700 different retailers.

How Will Expert Removalists Make Your House Move Stress Free

How many people who took the DIY route of relocating can say that it was a stress-free experience? Probably none. If you’re about to relocate to Brisbane or anywhere else in Queensland and you don’t want to feel so stressed about it, then hire the services of Expert Removalists.

One reason why relocating is so stressful is because you don’t have enough time to do what you need to do. If you’re already busy with work, family and the paperwork associated with moving, you probably can’t handle the physical demands of preparing for the move anymore. Your best bet is to let the experts do it for you.

Take advantage of the expertise and resources of other people. Movers can do all the tasks associated with relocating quickly and correctly. Packing items, for example, would probably take you days to get done. But 5-6 professional removalists who can pack quickly yet carefully can finish it in hours. Plus, you don’t have to worry about damaged belongings. If you do the packing, many fragile items might end up broken. But if they pack things for you, you get everything without damage or the insurance will pay for it if you have moving insurance.

The cost of relocation is another cause of stress. Well, you have to pay a certain amount for hiring removalists. But think of how much you can actually save? You won’t feel over-fatigued or sick after moving, so you may not need to skip work as a result. You won’t need to buy replacements for damaged items. You avoid spending more for fuel and toll fees because the mover’s truck can transport all your stuff in one go.

So, in reality, you save more by hiring Expert Removalists Brisbane and you get relocated without the burden of stress.