Picking the Right Box Size to Pack Your Things

Boxes are extremely useful for moving. They are instant storage units for most things no bigger than a chair. They also double for protection, keeping your things safe from the elements and from impact damage. If you’re on a tight budget however, the most tempting idea would be using old, used and/or cheap boxes from grocery stores or from the company supply room.

A caveat: even if you find boxes in good shape, they might still be inappropriate for packing. Not all boxes are fit to be used in transporting stuff. The best and safest way is to purchase materials from the moving company. These professionals can recommend which types of boxes are the most sturdy, and what dimensions are best for packing.

What Makes Specially-Made Moving Boxes Appropriate

Usually, moving companies manufacture boxes using single or double-wall corrugated cardboard. The strength of this material comes with an Edge Crush Test (ECT) rating. The ECT depends on how thick the box’s material is. It must achieve industry standards to ensure that it can protect your items adequately during transit. Those that pass those standards are more dependable compared to the ones in local stores.

Moving Box Sizes for Specific Items

Moving boxes come in different sizes. When transporting stuff, keep in mind that bigger storage units aren’t necessarily the better ones. You just need to make sure the dimensions are just right for the stuff you own.

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Here is a list of box sizes, along with recommendations on the things that will fit best in each of the sizes:

Standard Moving Boxes

You will be presented with three dimensions when purchasing boxes: length, width, and height (depth). These measurements will be the basis on finding right sized-boxes. The typical moving box types and sizes are:

♦ Extra Large (23x23x16 inches)
Use these for light goods such as drapes, towels, bedding, and clothing. Though it is big, you should refrain from maximizing the space by putting heavier stuff in it. You or the movers might have a hard time lifting the box, otherwise.

♦ Large (20x20x15 inches)
You can use this in packing heavy items. This is considered as an all-purpose moving box that can be easily carried. It can accommodate appliances and furniture.

Medium (18x14x12 inches)
Considered as an industry-standard box, it can be used in packing common household items such as collectibles, books, and kitchenware. To fit the recommended number of items in a box like this one, you must arrange the items well and place bubble wrap or newspaper sheets to fill the extra spaces around and in-between.

Specialty Boxes

File (16×12.5×10 inches)
This one is used in organizing letter and legal-sized files like paperwork, manuals, receipts, coil collections, and important documents.

Frame (41x6x26 inches)
This is used in storing large pictures, mirrors, and other large thin items. You have to use bubble wrap for cushioning and protection for the glass.

Kitchen (8x18x22 inches)
This heavy-duty box is used in packing dishes, glasses, china, and cookware.

Wardrobe (24x24x40 inches)
This is a sturdy box that offers superior protection for clothing. There are designs that allow you to directly move your clothes from the closet right into the wardrobe box.

Moving boxes must be accompanied with other supplies for additional cushioning, sealing, and labelling (ex: bubble wrap, styrofoam sheets). Complete these supplies to make packing relatively stress-free.

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