8 Steps to Unpack Your Things

So, you have gone through the back-breaking task of packing up your home. Your removalist are on-route to your new house. Think you’re already done? Nuh-uh! Once your movers have delivered your boxes and furniture to your new residence, then it will be time to unpack them. Other people find this step stressful since you don’t only unpack, but you also inspect your stuff and account if everything has arrived safely. Unpacking as soon as you arrive will allow you to immediately spot damaged or lost goods, which will in turn allow you to notify your removalist about reimbursements.

The following are unpacking tips you might find helpful.

#1 Clean Your New Home

Before moving your items into the storage units of your new house, you must clean the areas first for bedbugs or cobwebs. Even if you’re done cleaning your entire abode before the move, you must conduct still another inspection just to be on the safe side. But if you aren’t done preparing your house, then you have to store the boxes in a safe area first and start cleaning your new abode.

#2 Prepare Your Unpacking Equipment

The next step is to prepare the equipment to be used in unpacking. You’ll need a utility knife to open the boxes. You will also need other tools including a screwdriver and a hammer to take care of the other stuff (for example, a nailed down wooden storage unit might require that you pry off several nails). A recycle bin where your cardboard boxes will be stored will also be useful too.

#3 Room Planning

You have to make area estimates where a number of items can fit in. This will help you decide in determining which items go where (except of course for the obvious cases like the cutlery, et cetera). Doing so will give you an idea about each room’s item capacity.

#4 Make Your Inventory List Your Reference

Before the move, you are expected to have a copy of the inventory list either provided by your expert movers or one that you made yourself. Do not lose this and always keep it at hand. You’ll need it to account for everything that had been moved when you arrive at your new house or apartment.

#5 Start with the Essentials

Hopefully, you’ve classified your stuff according to purpose and know which box contains what items. Start with unpacking the box that contains the bare essentials (the cutlery, chairs and tables, etc). You’ll need these things immediately, even as you continue unpacking in the following days.

#6 Unpack Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Items

It will be easier to unpack these items if you labeled their boxes properly beforehand. If you are lacking time, you can then unpack only the items you really need for the meantime. Essential kitchen items include pots, pans, and small appliances. For bedroom, unpack linens first and get your bed ready. Bathroom essentials may include medication, curtains, and towels.

#7 Arrange Furniture

Arranging your furniture can be difficult if you aren’t able to make room plans before the move. Before setting up your furniture, you have to decide first the location where they shall be placed. If you have not made any yet, then it’s time to create those plans.

#8 Unpack Garage and Patio Items

Ideally, these should be unpacked last since most of these items aren’t that essential. Start with organizing shelves or spaces first for your tools and equipment before doing the job.

Happy unpacking!

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