Company Moving Tips for Storage and Furniture Removals

Moving a business from one location to another is different from moving house. There is a lot that has to be planned beforehand for the former, while the latter can even be done without the assistance of professional movers (of course, that’s if you’re not bringing heavy furniture with you). Aside from planning the actual transfer of furniture and equipment, a company also has to consider renting a storage space in the event that more time is needed to put the new office in order.

Here are some company moving tips, especially for when there is a need for storage services:

  1. First of all, choose a removals company that has a storage facility at the city where the company is moving.
  2. If your removals company doesn’t have a storage service, then look for local facilities that can accommodate you.
  3. Choose a facility with a security detail and one that implements climate control.
  4. Assess the space of your new business space. Will it be large enough to hold all the furniture and office equipment you are bringing? If it is too small, or if you are not sure if particular furniture pieces will fit in the space, better have a storage space ready when you arrive.
  5. As much as possible, transport only the things that you can also keep in storage.
  6. If #4 cannot be avoided, keep the restricted items in your new office instead and select pieces of furniture that can be kept on storage.
  7. Get rid of things that the company can do without. Sell them if possible for extra cash. Bringing as few items as possible is actually one of the most recommended company moving tips. This will solve your worries about running out of space at the new office.