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How to Find Reliable Storage in Melbourne

We here at Expert Removalists and Storage treat our clients with the utmost care and priority. However, some people do ask us how we do that. To answer that question we’ve prepared this guide. Our clients are assured that they don’t need to worry about all these when they sign up with us.

Whenever the need to relocate arises, it almost always comes with the need to store some items, at least temporarily. Let’s say you’re moving to Melbourne. Other than packing and transporting your belongings to the new location, you’ll probably also need to arrange for storage even before you get to Melbourne. This way, you can significantly reduce the stress of moving.

Now, how do you find a reliable Melbourne storage facility that can assure you of your belongings’ safety for the duration that they are in the movers’ possession? Here are a few tips:

  1. Make an inventory of all items you’ll be storing so you can figure out just how much space you’ll need. This helps you determine the size of storage unit to rent so you can avoid paying for unused space.
  2. Check for security features such as sturdy locks and security cameras in good working condition. You may also want to choose a facility that allows you to check on your belongings even after hours.
  3. Check if the storage company offers insurance for your stored items. You never know when accidents or untoward incidents will happen; it’s always a good idea to get your things insured and your homeowners insurance may not cover items that are stored outside your home.
  4. Check the unit itself to see if it meets your needs. Is it clean enough? Is there good ventilation? Will the level of humidity not harm your things? If you need climate-control, does the facility offer it?
  5. Shop around. Just like any other commodity, the prices of storage units can vary widely even within the same area. Units of the same size within the same facility may even be priced differently, depending on the location.

Now you should be in a better position to find reliable storage, but before you shopping for a storage facility, you may want to bear these things in mind:

1. Sturdy locks and security cameras/gates don’t necessarily stop burglaries.
There have been many cases where burglaries in storage facilities were done by people pretending to be customers. They rent a unit just like you do and when they see an opportunity, they cut a few padlocks and then replace it with their own so they can freely access the units and take what they want the next time they’re in the facility. It may be a good idea to choose a facility that uses cylinder locks, which cannot be cut by bolt cutters. You may also choose a facility that uses an alarm system for every unit that can only be deactivated with a personal pass code.

2. Insurance is your responsibility.
Sure, some storage companies offer insurance as part of the services you pay for, but they’re not really required to do so. Getting your things insured while in storage is your responsibility as owner, so you shouldn’t harbor the mistaken belief that insurance is an automatic add-on to storage rental services.

3. Beware of “Move-in Discounts”.
There are storage Melbourne facilities that offer “move-in discounts”, which is a good thing, but you should make sure the rental rate for the following months isn’t too high. It’s advisable to ask the facility manager what their regular rates are, how often they raise those rates, and whether the rate stated in your contract is guaranteed for the duration of your rental. Be sure to read your contract carefully and make sure all of your verbal agreements are written therein. Otherwise, get the contract revised or look elsewhere.

4. Careful planning will go a long way.
Making plans for storage well in advance, you can make sure you don’t unnecessarily pay for extra space and that you truly get your money’s worth. Careful planning and preparation also reduces the risk of your things getting damaged because it increases you chance of finding the best place.

So, the next time you move and feel the need to store some of your things for a certain amount of time, keep the above tips in mind. Moving doesn’t have to be such a stressful event and storage doesn’t have to cost too much. The key is in planning carefully and taking the time to evaluate your options. Good luck!