The Proper Method of Estimating Office Relocation Cost

Part of planning a relocation of business operations is estimating the office relocation cost. This is necessary because any expenses incurred for the move will be shouldered by the office. Hence, it will be an overhead expenditure that will have to be recouped later on by sales. Naturally offices will want to minimize costs so that should sales increase, only a small portion will be used to replenish the moving expense and the bulk of it will be registered as revenue.

So, how does one properly estimate office relocation cost?

Infrastructure Expenses

Businesses or companies that are merely renting office space are often required to make repairs on infrastructural damages and flaws they caused before being released from their lease.  They will also have to make sure the new place is ready to be moved in. Have an expert handyman estimate the costs for those repairs.  All the work that must be done on the old place and the new place will have to be included in the moving expenses.


There are utilities like phone lines, Internet service, and canteen booths and vending machines that will charge extra if you terminate before your contract ends. There will also be installation charges or similar if you opt to transfer these services to your new office location. These expenses also count in the office relocation cost.


Offices cannot do without a removalist during a move. Of course, the cost for hiring professional movers will be counted. Include as well any expense that has anything to do with the actual move (ex: food and accommodations for the staff, insurance coverage for the furniture, and equipment entrusted to the mover).

By getting an estimate of the total expenses for office relocation, owners can decide whether or not moving is a good idea in the first place.

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